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Dr. Jan Newell-Byrd



As a former victim of the devastating effects of domestic violence, I learned how to become a victorious survivor and overcomer by the power of a transformed mind.

My goal is to encourage and equip people who are experiencing

domestic abuse to change the way they think. 

Change Your Mind! Change Your Destiny!

All About Me

Dr. Jan Newell-Byrd is a former victim of domestic violence and emotional/verbal abuse.
Today she is a victorious and vivacious survivor and overcomer of both domestic violence and emotional/verbal abuse, plus gaslighting.

Reverend Dr. Jan Newell-Byrd is an ordained Minister, anointed Bible Teacher, and Founder of SALT~BS (Seasoned Adults Living Triumphantly ~ Bible Study). She is a Published Author, Domestic Abuse Specialist, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach (SLC), and a Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


Dr. Newell-Byrd was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has lived in Gary, Indiana; Dallas, Texas; and Round Rock, Texas. She now resides in Greenville, North Carolina.


Jan has published four books:

  • The Pickle - a children’s book .

  • Testimony of a Kept Woman: From Misery to Ministry Instead of the State Penitentiary – a memoir.

  • 2nd Edition of Testimony of a Kept Woman: From Misery to Ministry Instead of the State Penitentiary – a memoir.

  • From Victim to Victory: How to Recover from the Trauma and Drama of Domestic Abuse - a sequel to the memoir that  gives seven (7) Power Keys that enabled Jan to heal and recover from domestic abuse.


My Purpose

Jan’s purpose in ministry is to encourage, equip, and empower the broken and hurting, to heal and recover from traumatic challenges and successfully move from victim to victory; transformed by the renewing of the mind for Better Mental Health.


Jan Newell-Byrd is a mother of three successful grown children and the grandmother of four marvelous grandchildren.

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